Revelation (For Overtone Voice, Overtone Flute & Fujara) - Vidna Obmana - The Contemporary Nocturne (File)

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8 thoughts on “ Revelation (For Overtone Voice, Overtone Flute & Fujara) - Vidna Obmana - The Contemporary Nocturne (File)

  1. Brajora Reply
    Dec 05,  · Learn to play overtone flutes Fujara and Koncovka in America. You have seen fujara pictures, you’ve heard it’s voice, maybe you even have a fujara or koncovka already at home, now is the time you find Started by Bob Rychlik in Instruments. 0: Jan 11, Khoomei / overtone .
  2. Yozshukinos Reply
    Now available from Hypnos Recordings and Belgian ambient master vidnaObmana, The Contemporary Nocturne. This is the second half of the extended work begun last year with The Surreal Sanctuary, and represents perhaps vidnaObmana's most challenging and complex work yet. Track listing with MP3 clips: Duel Chasing the odyssee A platform of sorrow The gaze in dissonance Mute grief Revelation.
  3. Fenrijora Reply
    The length of an overtone flute is greater, than for a regular flute of the same pitch and bore, therefore the low G is not usable, but the higher overtones play much clearer and easier, than they would on the regular flute with all holes taped close. Fujara is basically a very large overtone flute, with additional 3 side holes, has the same.
  4. Faekus Reply
    Nov 22,  · The Contemporary Nocturne: produced, recorded and mixed at the Serenity Studio, Belgium, between September and June Remastered in September The compilation of The Surreal Sanctuary () and The Contemporary Nocturne () Limited to copies/5(7).
  5. Mihn Reply
    Jan 04,  · at first it was a didgeridoo, then a overtone flute then a fujara! i made this bamboo fujara, the key is in C, the notes done by the holes are tuned.. but only for the lower notes.. when i.
  6. Doull Reply
    Koncovka. Koncovka is an overtone flute, similar to known "willow flute" but hand-made from quality upland wood.. Koncovka is an end-blown overtone flute without finger holes, based on the natural harmonic scale, that you reach when you blow it at different pakhaisuversrivicnesssogosanddresjoe.coinfo that way, it is very easy to get started with, and it offers small melodies almost by itself, if you let it sound.
  7. Doumuro Reply
    It can be made with the Fujara finger-holes, to be played as Fujara and overtone flute. Small: Between the pitches of A(mm) to F(mm) these are made with an inside diameter of 12mm. Crisp and fast to play, giving a high, whistley sound. In Italian folk music it has often been used to play the 'Tarantella'.
  8. JoJolkis Reply
    THE CONTEMPORARY NOCTURNE 8. Duel for fujara 9. Chasing The Odyssee for e-bow & electric guitar A Platform Of Sorrow for fujara & harmonics The Gaze In Dissonance for four harmonics recycled Mute Grief for electric guitar & small fujara 13 Revelation for overtone voice, overtone flute & fujara The Path Downwards.

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